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Objective of the Service:
It is the goal of the Heart of America Kennel Club to provide assistance to persons searching for a specific dog breed by suggesting names of knowledgeable and responsible breeders of the dog breed in question and who have been approved by HOAKC to participate in the service. The HOAKC highly recommends that individuals seeking a dog educate themselves in various ways. Reading about various breeds of dogs is a logical first step in the process. Another useful approach is to attend dog competition events in order to observe different breeds first hand and form an opinion of how they might relate to one's lifestyle. It also provides the opportunity to observe grooming requirements and visit with handlers and breeders about merits and disadvantages of a particular breed as well as to establish contacts for obtaining a puppy or adult dog.

For persons who have already decided on a specific breed, the club's referral service is able to provide names of responsible breeders in the appropriate geographic area for many of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Although the club's desire is to provide a useful service, HOAKC does not warrant the specific breeders or the dogs they might offer. The club's involvement ends with suggesting breeder sources for dogs then it is the responsibility of the party seeking a dog to evaluate the breeder and the animals. Heart of America Kennel Club will not be a party to any purchase contracts.

In keeping with the goals of our referral service, the kennel club recommends the following Internet sites as valuable sources of information for those attempting to select a dog breed and/or are looking for a dog: (simply click on the active links)

AKC's "Home Page" (an abundance of links to helpful resources for many topics associated with the sport of purebred dogs) ~

AKC's "Recognized Breeds" (includes photos and the breed standard for each dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Club) ~

AKC's "The Right Dog for You" (some things to be aware of in determining which breed of dog is right for you and your family) ~

AKC's "Before You Buy a Dog" (factors to consider before bringing a dog into your life) ~

AKC's "Be a Responsible Dog Owner" (101 suggestions to become a responsible dog owner) ~

AKC's "About Buying a Dog" (many useful tips to consider when selecting a dog) ~

AKC's "Registering Your Purebred Dog" (explanation of the procedure and benefits for registering your purebred dog) ~

AKC's "Beginners Guide to Dog Shows" (discussion to aid in understanding the intricacies of dog shows) ~

AKC's "Counting Points at Dog Shows" (describes how to understand the method for determining points associated with a dog show win based on the number of entries) ~

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