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One of several letters of appreciation received from the Director of the Carthage Humane Society on behalf of the animals rescued from the aftermath of the tornado.

HOAKC Provides Assistance to Pets Affected by Tornado

Shortly after a devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, the Heart of America Kennel Club began a project to provide needed supplies and funds to the Joplin Humane Center for the care of displaced pets in the community. Calls to the Joplin Humane Society management were referred to the Carthage, Missouri Humane Society where many of the animals were being transferred.

During the following week the kennel club, under the direction of President Bob Goodin and wife Judy, planned a benefit drive for Saturday, May 28. Announcements were sent to area television stations to inform the public of the availability of the drop-off sites and the associated hours of operation. On the designated day, club volunteers met in Leavenworth and Overland Park for the entire afternoon to receive donations of cash, pet food, cleaning supplies, and all types of equipment and supplies related primarily to the care of dogs and cats.

In the midst of a constant light rain during the afternoon of the 28th, club volunteers graciously accepted a huge quantity of materials for use by both the Joplin and Carthage Humane Societies. Signs were placed along adjacent streets and volunteers were thrilled with the number of casual passers-by who pulled into the collection site with cash donations or who immediately drove to nearby retail stores to purchase pet food and returned to the collection site with their much appreciated purchases.

Another area kennel club and several dog specific-breed clubs assisted the effort with additional quantities of supplies of all sizes and descriptions. At the end of the day, enough material was gathered to fill a large rental van that was then driven to Carthage on Sunday, May 29 to deliver the much needed relief to staff at the humane society.

Although relatively minor in relation to the amount of support provided by huge numbers of people and organizations in the aftermath of the storm, kennel club members were pleased that their efforts will provide comfort, care and nutrition to many pets affected by the devastating tornado in addition to the relief efforts on behalf of the humans who were affected.

Pets give so much unqualified love to their humans that it was a true pleasure for all involved to return the affection!

Dick Rees June 2011

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Joplin Animal Relief sign at the corner of 110th and Quivia in Overland Park directing traffic to the collection site.

Some of the supplies obtained at one of the two collection sites on May 28, 2011.

Several club volunteers with a part of the supplies and equipment collected for Joplin animal relief.
Pictured from the left are: Maurice Peterson, Bob and Judy Goodin.

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