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"...approved establishing an endowment fund to award a $500 Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods Vet Tech scholarship each spring semester..."

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Vet Tech Scholarship Plaque
Names of each scholarship recipient are engraved on this plaque that hangs in the Vet Tech building at Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods.


A spur of the moment conversation led to the Heart of America Kennel Club, Inc. (HOAKC) establishing a Veterinary Technology scholarship at Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods, one of five campuses comprising the Metropolitan Community College (MCC) system in Kansas City, MO.

The idea began on February 27, 2008 when Melissa Andrasik, RVT, and instructor of Vet Tech at Maple Woods arrived at the kennel club's meeting site to speak on "Basic First Aid for Pets". Melissa arrived well in advance of the meeting time to set up her video equipment and was met by Janet Rees, club secretary, and her husband Dick who also arrived early to set up the room. While helping Melissa with her equipment, they engaged her in a conversation about the Veterinary Technology program and the financial commitment of the students.

That chance conversation ultimately led to preparation of a proposal for consideration by the club's board of directors. Club members toured the Vet Tech facilities and board approval was granted on November 12 to establish an endowment fund to award a $500 Vet Tech scholarship each spring semester based on the applicants' fall semester GPA, financial need and submission of a paper limited to 500 words describing the individual's experience with animals, motivation for choosing the Vet Tech course of study and career goals. The scholarship was established with a renewable feature for each succeeding semester until graduation based on specific criteria.

In December 2008, the club funded the Heart of America Kennel Club, Inc. Bob and Judy Goodin Vet Tech Endowment in recognition of the long service by Bob as the club's president and by Judy as the club's Show Chairman. The endowment was funded so that the annual earnings will fund an annual scholarship award. Representatives of the club were invited to the MCC's regular Cabinet Meeting on February 23, 2009 for a symbolic check presentation ceremony that was attended by the MCC Chancellor and Presidents of each of the five MCC campuses. In addition, approximately 150 community members were in attendance since the meeting was also scheduled as a Town Hall meeting on the state of the economy.

The first $500 award, was granted for the spring semester of the 2008/09 academic year and was presented to Stephen Sallee, a first-year student. Stephen was recognized at HOAKC's regular meeting on March 25, 2009 and received a certificate from club president Bob Goodin. Dr. Chris Morrow, Coordinator of the Veterinary Technology Program, and Jessica Ramirez, MCC Community Relations and Fund Raising Manager, represented the Metropolitan Community Colleges at the ceremony.

In late 2009, the club's board of directors approved a modification of the program's scholarship criteria to award a new $500 scholarship each semester rather than just in the spring semester. At the same time, the scholarships will no longer be renewable in favor of a one-time award to a recipient student in order to permit more students to receive a scholarship. In 2012, the club's board approved an addition to the endowment in memory of Judy Goodin who passed on March 14, 2012 and increased the scholarship award to $750 per semester. The scholarship program's goal is to expand the number of scholarships awarded each semester in the future. To further honor Bob and Judy, in November 2014 the scholarship award was increased to $1,500 each semester beginning with the scholarship recipient named in December 2014.

The scholarship and an accompanying stethoscope program were implemented by HOAKC in recognition of the importance of the service provided by trained Veterinary Technology graduates to the many veterinarians that care for the dogs of all members of the kennel club. The club firmly believes that the programs are an investment in a professional field that is of utmost importance to all animals and the owners of those animals.

Dick & Janet Rees, March 2009, Updated January 2017.

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No Qualifying Application
Fall Semester 2016/2017.

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Kelsey Geddes
Fall Semester 2015/2016.

Kelsey Burenheide
Spring Semester 2015/2016.

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Emi Gomez
Fall Semester 2014/2015.

Kelsey Geddes
Spring Semester 2014/2015

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No Qualifying Application
Fall Semester 2013/2014.

Christen Aeriana Olmedo
Spring Semester 2013/2014.

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Megan Wiley
Fall Semester 2012/2013.

Kristen Horn
Spring Semester 2012/2013.

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Left to right: MCC Chancellor Mark James and HOAKC President Bob Goodin

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Left to right: MCC Chancellor Mark James, Bob Goodin, Vet Tech Coordinator Dr. Chris Morrow, Maple Woods President Merna Saliman and Dick Rees

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Hannah Burnett
Fall Semester 2011/2012.

Liesl Montgomery
Spring Semester 2011/2012.

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Susan Fries
Spring Semester 2010/2011.

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Presentation of Scholarship to Gina Sola
President Goodin with Gina Sola, recipient of scholarship for Spring Semester 2009/2010 Academic Year.
Presentation of Scholarship to Chelly Sumner
President Goodin with Chelly Sumner, recipient of scholarship for Fall Semester 2010/2011 Academic Year.
Scholarship celebration cake
Cake served at reception honoring scholarship recipients.
Scholarship Photographs
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Presentation of 1st Scholarship to Stephen Salle HOAKC President Bob Goodin presenting scholarship award
to Vet Tech student Stephen Sallee
Checking In Scholarship Honorees Judy and Bob Goodin with Stephen.
More Arrivals
Left to right front row: Janet Rees, scholarship proposal co-author; Judy Goodin; Stephen Sallee; Bob Goodin; Melissa Andrasek, Vet Tech instructor.
Second row: Dick Rees, proposal co-author; Jessica Ramirez, MCC Foundation Community Relations Manager; Dr. Chris Morrow, Vet Tech Program Coordinator.

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Presentation of Endowment Check
Left to right: Dick & Janet Rees, Maple Woods President Merna Saliman, Bob Goodin, Vet Tech Coordinator Dr. Chris Morrow, MCC Foundation Board Member John Dillingham and MCC Chancellor Jacqueline Snyder.

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